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bullet point iconWhich Bend-Tech Tube and Pipe bending software do I need?

Let our Bend-Tech experts help you choose the right Bend-Tech products!

We put the following together as a quick overview. Please check out the rest of this forum section as we add questions and answers asked from our potential customers while they are deciding which is best for them.

Bend-Tech EZ: EZ is an extremely basic product and is usually sold as a package from one of our dealers who manufacture or sell entry level benders as a package deal. EZ does a very good job in what it does but is limited to 2 dimensional (parts lay flat on the ground after they are bend), 6 bends and doesn't have any of the assembly (multiple parts put together) interfaces.
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Bend-Tech EZ-3D: EZ-3D is one step up from EZ. It is EZ with the addition of an easy-to-use 3 dimensional interface. This interface uses terms, such as; to front, to back, to left, to right, to ceiling and to floor. EZ-3D is also the first level of the Bend-Tech line that has the bending simulator. This shows the material as it is being push through, rotated and bent in the die.
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Bend-Tech PRO: Bend-Tech PRO includes 100% of the functions of EZ-3D plus has a 10 bend per part limit, the Assembly Design and Notching (fish-mouthing) Templates. This is our biggest seller for our home hobbyist market. PRO was specifically designed for the guy who has no CAD experience. Most customers are designing their first project in just a couple of hours after loading the software and have their first draft of the project done in just a couple hours more.
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For most of us the design and fabrication of a tubing assembly is the start of a much larger project. Bend-Tech PRO allows for you to easily achieve your first step into your fab project and gives many of us that momentum to have a completed and successful build.

Bend-Tech SE: SE is designed for the shop or manufacturer. Basically if you are trying to make money bending tube, SE is the only way to go. We have put several advances into SE to give the serious shop owner a leg up on everyone else. Most of our additional modules are only available to SE customers.
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This product includes additional interface for customers who do have CAD experience they will find useful as well as manufacturing checking tools to help verify the part can be made with your bender and tooling. A couple of the differences with SE include; Spring Back Angle definitions, 50 bend per part, multiple radii in the same part, dxf import & export, XYZ interface, Sketch interface and a couple of reverse engineering interfaces.

Again, if you are trying to make money bending tube, SE needs to be seriously considered.

Final Statement: If you are unsure as to what product you need, please feel free to let us help you. In many cases we have customers, who are unsure as to what they need, start at a lower level product. Our current upgrade path is that receive most if not all of your money as a rebate to get into the next product during that product release.

Our goal is not to obtain the sale but to obtain a customer. We want customers to continue to support us in the future with both purchases and recommendations for our products and our company. So it is very important that we represent ourselves and our products beyond your expectations.