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Bend-Tech at PRI Show:

The PRI show is right around the corner and we'd like to invite you to come see our latest technologies that we offer for all of you fabricators. We'll have our Dragon machine live and in action, and will be demonstrating our new Bend-Tech INDUSTRIAL software. So come take advantage of PRI and stop by our booth (#5437) to see the latest enhancements in our software and machine in person!

Bend-Tech Dragon:

We've already shipped out our first batch of Dragon machines to multiple satisfied customers and they are all running smoothly in their shops! Our next batch is being manufactured as we speak and will be shipped out as soon as they are ready.

For those who haven't heard, our Dragon Model A Series cuts, engraves, and marks your tube with holes, end notches, text lettering and weldment fit-ups. With laser positioning and a pass-through chuck to add any length of stock tubing up to 3 inch OD, Dragon will mark the tubing with bend locations and add everything you will need for complete fabrication.

Most importantly, the Bend-Tech Dragon comes with our Dragon CAM software. The Dragon software functions as the brain of the machine and it will translate computer drawn CAD files into G-Codes that will run the Dragon machine. All this is done in seconds using one simple conversion step! This CAM software is exclusive to our Bend-Tech Dragon machine and will allow you to see the tube unfolded in a flat view with holes, end notches, markings, and all weldment fit-ups that will be sent to the Dragon for manufacturing.

For more details, check out our website by clicking on the link below. Also, we will be demonstrating the Dragon machine at the PRI show, so feel free to stop by our booth #5437 and see the machine in action!

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