Bend-Tech Dragon | A150

12 foot: $15,900
21 foot: $18,900

Bend-Tech Dragon-CNC Tube & Pipe Cutter

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Dragon A150 Features

Dragon CAD Software

Bring in your 3D CAD designs, or create them from scratch with Bend-Tech Dragon CAD. Dragon CAD is able to import STEP & IGES files which are supported by most CAD software including but not limited to Bend-Tech, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Inventor, PRO Engineer, etc. Once imported to Dragon CAD, it will trace all your CAD geometry and convert it into a CAM ready file that can be read by the Dragon machine for actual manufacturing.

Dragon CAM/CNC software

Dragon software banner

Dragon CNC software is an automated CAM/CNC product that understands tubing. This software exclusive to Dragon machines will automatically create your cutting, marking and etching paths directly from Bend-Tech Dragon CAD by converting geometry into machine readable G-Codes. The Dragon CNC software also comes with a nesting ability to allow several parts on the same stock tube.

Tube marking/engraving

Bend-Tech Dragon machines obtain the bending information from Dragon CAD to automatically mark and etch bend angle labels, bend locations and rotations. You can also Etch or Mark your weldment fit-up locations right on the tube. This process is fully automatic from CAD to the Dragon machine. You will no longer spend hours manipulating CAD files to get it to your machine.

Plasma cutting

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Cuts round tube's end profiles, holes and other contours with accuracy.

Tool changer

Machine will switch between marker/engraver/plasma/laser pointer automatically depending on your intended tasks. This automatic tool changer allows marking and cutting on a tube to be seamless and hands free for machine operators.

Tube flip/repositioning

Dragon can create a mark or etch on the first position of tube and then go back into a home position. Then the operator will release the tube from the chuck and re-align the tube with a laser pointer mounted to the head and then continue cutting, marking and etching the next position of tubing. This eliminates the scrap that is created by fully utilizing the entire length of tube and works with tubes longer than the machine.

Support yoke

The support yoke is designed to guide the tubing even if the material stock is not perfectly straight. It can be easily adjusted for different diameter materials by simply turning it.

Pass through chuck

Pass through chuck will feed the tubing and also allows for pieces that are longer than the machine to be manufactured by allowing longer tubes to go through the chuck.

Dragon A150 Specs.

  • Machine Travel Length:
    -12 foot model: 144" of travel (Unlimited when re-positioned)
    -21 foot model: 252" of travel (Unlimited when re-positioned)
  • Tube Size:
    -Round: 0.75" to 3.0" diameter (Up to 2" diameter when using pass through ability of the chuck)
  • Tube weight: 150 lb maximum
  • Machine weight:
    -12 foot model: approx. 790 lb
    -21 foot model: approx. 1000 lb
  • Foot print:
    -12 foot model: 228"L x 26"W x 60"H
    -21 foot model: 336"L x 26"W x 60"H
  • Cutting speeds: Varies by material and cutting amperage

What's Included:

  • Bend-Tech Dragon A150 machine
  • Engraver (Air)
  • Permanent marker
  • Laser pointer
  • Bend-Tech Dragon software suite + 2 year maintenance plan

What You Will Need:

  • Dedicated Windows desktop or laptop (Computer running Dragon machine cannot be running other machines)
  • Active internet connection (For activation of the Dragon Suite Software and receive important updates)
  • Plasma torch with mechanized head. (Recommend Hypertherm Powermax 45 or higher. Can be purchased with Dragon sale)
  • 220-240v outlet (For plasma system)
  • 2x - 110-120v outlets (For machine)
  • Misc. outlets (For your computer, monitor, etc.)
  • Air compressor (Engraver)
  • Air compressor or inert gas (For plasma system)

Add-On Features

Each sold separately. Add-ons can be purchased by contacting us via phone or email.

Hypertherm® Plasma System

With Bend-Tech Dragon machines, we recommend that you use Hypertherm Powermax 45 or higher with mechanized torch for the best cutting results. Bend-Tech is an official OEM of Hypertherm plasma torches, and they can be purchased through us with the Dragon machine sale.

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Security Dongle

If a valid internet connection is not available on your computer, you may choose to purchase a security dongle to use the software offline. This will allow your computer to run Bend-Tech software as long as the security dongle is plugged into an available USB port on the computer. This USB security dongle becomes the license for your software.

While the security dongle will allow your computer to run Bend-Tech software without an internet connection, there are a few drawbacks to using the offline method. Bend-Tech software will not be able to automatically download any new updates and the direct Help Session will not be available. Also, any maintenance of a security dongle requires shipment back to our facility and back to you at additional cost. If you are unable to provide shipment of your security dongle (such as loss or theft), you will be required to purchase the dongle with full price of your software.

Purchase Dongle