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*This is not a stand alone product. It requires the latest version of Bend-Tech SE, Bend-Tech INDUSTRIAL software. (Version 7x)

Bend Tech SM

Bend-Tech HR offers a specially created interface for designing handrails using walls and steps/stairs. HR also offers advanced 3D templates to quickly create common railing shapes. These helpful tools were developed specially for designing handrails and to accelerate your designing and manufacturing process.

HR also has a stair wizard feature for quickly determining the rise and run of a handrail.

Key HR Features

Handrail Designer

Handrail designer will allow users to create stairs, walls, and handrails to scale in a 3D environment. You can visualize and design handrails before you even fabricate them. Any handrails you have created in Bend-Tech HR will provide you with all the information you will need to bend and manufacture your part exactly for your shop floor.

Stair Wizard

The Stair Wizard will help you quickly determine the rise and run of a standard handrail.

3D Templates

Choose from pre-defined templates of common handrail designs for a quick project. After you have defined the template part with your own dimensions, you will have the 3D visual representation of your part as well as the full bending instructions for your bender.

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