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*MSP Module is available for the latest version of PRO, SE, IND. (Version 7x)

Bend Tech MSP

MSP(Sheet Metal Templates) is a set of templates designed for the Motorsports industry which includes washers, tabs, gussets, beadlocks, shackles, assorted mounts, brackets, etc. MSP will help you find and create the plate parts you need. With customizable dimensioning, this software is the perfect fit for your unique fabrication project. Once you've created your plate, MSP can export a .dxf file of your part to be sent to your plasma CAM software for easy cutting and manufacturing.

If you have PRO with SM module, having MSP module will allow you to import multiple created plates within tube & plate assembly interface. You will also be able to take your customization further and manipulate holes, shapes, and bends to your plate using the SM interface.

• MSP Stand alone: $295
• MSP Module: $150 (Requires latest version of PRO or SE)

Bend-Tech software requires an active internet connection in order to activate the license on your computer.
Don't have internet connection? Click here to see the Dongle Key option.

Key MSP Features

Sheet Metal Templates

Choose from dozens of plate templates designed specially for the motorsports industry.
*View list of available parts

Template dimensioning

Easily create and dimension needed plates using inches or millimeters by entering your desired dimensions and see live 3D view of your part during the process.


Output a DXF file to send to a CAM system for cutting or give you a 1:1 drawing on multiple sheets of paper to be used as a scaled template for fabrication.


This ruler feature will help you measure and verify your designed plate with accuracy before you manufacture your part.

Available Parts

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Security Dongle

If a valid internet connection is not available on your computer, you may choose to purchase a security dongle to use the software offline. This will allow your computer to run Bend-Tech software as long as the security dongle is plugged into an available USB port on the computer. This USB security dongle becomes the license for your software.

While the security dongle will allow your computer to run Bend-Tech software without an internet connection, there are a few drawbacks to using the offline method. Bend-Tech software will not be able to automatically download any new updates and the direct Help Session will not be available. Also, any maintenance of a security dongle requires shipment back to our facility and back to you at additional cost. If you are unable to provide shipment of your security dongle (such as loss or theft), you will be required to purchase the dongle along with the full price of your software.

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