Bend-Tech SW - Module: $400 Buy Now

*This is not a stand alone product. It requires the latest version of Bend-Tech SE, Bend-Tech INDUSTRIAL software. (Version 7x)
And, active SOLIDWORKS software product is required. (Sold separately)

Bend Tech SM

The Bend-Tech SW Module is an application that takes a designed tube, pipe, or rod from your SOLIDWORKS program and sends the part geometry directly into Bend-Tech to calculate the correct manufacturing instructions.

Which SOLIDWORKS features are recognized? Bend-Tech SW will allow you to work with Sketch Lines, Sweeps & Weldments.

How does it work? After completing the tube design in SOLIDWORKS, select the Bend-Tech icon within the SOLIDWORKS framework and select the green check to send the part into Bend-Tech. Within Bend-Tech, select the tooling corresponding to the radii in the part or allow Bend-Tech to select it for you from a tooling to radius relationship table. In an instant the manufacturing details are available.

Can elongation be calculated? Absolutely! We have a simple testing procedure that is performed with the tooling and material. From this, the values will be obtained in the Bend-Tech tooling library to calculate the correct bend lengths.

Will Bend-Tech SW calculate spring back? Yes. Bend-Tech creates its own internal formulas from a data history file of the materials, tooling, and machines. With this information Bend-Tech calculates the spring back angles for each job.

Will Bend-Tech SW work with my bender? Yes. Bend-Tech provides the proper cut lengths, bend locations, bend angles, and rotations for all machines. This includes all manual, NC, or CNC machines. The machines can be rotary draw, rotary compression, or center compression benders.

Do I need to design in SOLIDWORKS with the correct tooling radius? No. This can be a problem for many job shops. Often part files are received from their customer's engineers who are not familiar with the shops production tooling. To solve this problem, once a part has been sent to Bend-Tech you can change a single radius or the tooling of the entire part with a single mouse click. Bend-Tech will then instantly adjust the part length and bending instructions.

Will Bend-Tech SW provide XYZ or LRA data? Yes, it will provide both! Bend-Tech provides proper centerline apex XYZ values and LRA data. (LRA: Length, Rotation, and Angle. Also known as YBC.) Bend-Tech has several different charts to choose from and accommodates the variation in structure formats for bend locations and rotations.

What versions of SOLIDWORKS does Bend-Tech SW support? As of the date of this document, Bend-Tech SW supports 2006 through the latest versions of SOLIDWORKS.

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