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What is Bend-Tech PB?

Bend-Tech Profile Bending (PB) software has been designed to work with bending machines often referred to as section, large radius, or profile bending machines. The software will help with the bending of any material profile, even allowing custom profiles to be created by the user. Some of the helpful functions PB software offers are: -Find your material cut length. -Show the start and end of the bend zones. -Input the settings for the roller locations and lateral guides. -Calculate the true radius for spiral bending. -Graphical designer that shows your part as it is being created. -History log that accumulates real life data and allows the program to increase accuracy.

PB iconsThe PB Designer

PB Designer

The designer lets you create a part by entering the length between bends, bend angles, radii, pitch, and a chosen environment. You may enter as many bends as desired and also add rotation between any of the bends if needed. As you enter in the part values it is graphically displayed for visual confirmation .

PB iconsCalculations

PB Calculations

PB will calculate the length of material needed and bend zone locations based upon material stretch. It will also calculate the roller and lateral guide locations based upon radius and pitch values.

PB iconsShapes

PB Shapes

We have several predefined parametric shapes built in the material library that allow you to input your specific dimensions that are quick and easy to use. PB also includes a feature to import the end profile of any shape from a drawing or CAD system via a .dxf file. Using this tool means that there are limitless shapes you can use in the software.

PB iconsEnvironments

PB Environments

An environment consists of a material, machine, roller definitions, stretch factors, and material symmetry. You can create and save multiple environments for easy access when needed. The environment also provides an area for logging bending results creating a historical record.

PB iconsLogs

PB Logs

The Environment Logs are the single most important step to creating accurate bending predictions. When the logs are updated on the printout by the machine user with the real world results, future predictions can be extremely accurate. The printed setup sheet allows for values to be corrected by the machine user, then these values are imported into the program in the same format as the printout.

PB iconsSpiral

PB Spiral

A spiral or coil is defined by the pitch and radius values. The pitch is based upon the amount of rise in a vertical direction between coils. The true bending radius and elevations are automatically calculated from the coils radius and pitch values.

PB iconsAnimated Graphical Representation

PB Animated Graphical Representation

An animated representation is available that shows the material being processed through the forming dies. During the animation the user can zoom in and out and also rotate the window.

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