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Welcome to the Official Bend-Tech Wiki

Use the links below for detailed information on all aspects of the Bend-Tech software product.

Product Information
BT Product EZ1a.png EZ BT Product EZ 3D1.png EZ-3D BT Product PRO1.png PRO BT Product SE1.png SE
BT Product IND2.png Industrial BT Product1 Dragon.png Dragon
Training Class Walkthroughs
QS training class1.png Training Class I QS training class2.png Training Class II QS training class3 SE advanced.png Training Class III (PDF Only)
Set Up & Features Information
Installationicon.png Installation BT Drag Launcher.png Bend-Tech Launcher Taskmenu.png Task Menu Menubaricon.png Main Menu Bar
Setting.png Options New cad import.png Import Break part.png Break Part Offset.png Offset Part
Nesting icon.png Nesting Calibrationicon.png Calibration Singleparticon.png Single Part Interface Stairwizardicon.png Stair Wizard
Panelguideicon.png Panel Cutting1icon.png Cutting Tube to assembly1.png Tube to Assembly Transfer Bend Order Simulation.png Bend Order/Simulation
Hotkeys icon1.png Hotkeys Zoom Rotate Pan.png Zoom, Rotate & Pan Backup And Restore1.png Backup & Restore Seat Manager1.png Seat Manager
Dragon Suite Information
Setup Documents
Dragon straight tut2.png Dragon Straight Part Tutorial Dragon bent tut2.png Dragon Bent Part Tutorial Dragon cust design tut1.png Dragon Custom Design Tutorial Dragon nesting tut1.png Dragon Nesting Tutorial
Dragon tut icon1.png Dragon Parts to Dragon Machine Tutorial Dragon tut icon2.png Assembly to Dragon Machine Tutorial IND tut icon1.png Industrial Tutorial 1 - Import to Machine IND tut icon2.png Industrial Tutorial 2 - Design to Machine
BT Product IND2.png Industrial Guide BT Product Dragon1.png Dragon Guide BT Product Dragon Options.png Dragon Options Dragon-Tips & Hints1.png Dragon Tips & Hints
Tekla Import Icon1.png Tekla Import Guide CAD 2 CAM1.png CAD to CAM Part Transfer Machine Controller1.png Machine Control Dynatorch Guide1.png Dynatorch Dragon Guide
Libraries Information
Die lib.png Die Library Tube lib.png Tube/Pipe Library Plate lib.png Plate/Sheet Library Springback lib.png SpringBack Library
Machine lib.png Machine Library J bend lib.png J-Bend Library Geometric lib2.png Plate: Geometric Library Die references1.png Die References
Material references1.png Material References Bend-Mark Settimgs1.png Bend Mark Settings
Designer Documentation
Tempicon.png Template Customicon.png Custom Part Custom3dicon.png Custom 3D Part Harpoon icon1.png Harpoon 3D
Sketch2Dicon.png Sketch 2D Sketch3Dicon.png Sketch 3D Xyzicon.png XYZ Part Reverseicon.png Reverse Design
Straightparticon.png Straight Part Assemblyicon.png Assembly
Module Documentation
Plateicon1.png Sheet Metal Module Header Design Module Header Design Module Lricon.png Large Radius Module Exhausticon.png Exhaust Design
Hricon.png Handrail Module Handrail 3d Templates1.png 3D Templates (HR) MSPtemplateicon3.png MSP Templates MSPtemplateicon3.png Motor Sports Templates II
MSPRCT1icon.png Roll Cage Templates BT APT Icon2.png Armor Pack Templates Solidworks2.png SolidWorks
Exhausttuticon.PNG Exhaust Tutorial Exhausttuticon2.PNG Exhaust Tutorial II Assemblytuticon.PNG Assembly Tutorial Assembly Tutorial II Assembly Tutorial II
Cutting tutorial.png Cutting Tutorial Cutting tutorial adv.png Cutting Tutorial II Headertuticon.png Header Design Tutorial Harpoonicon.png Harpoon 3D
Solidworkstuticon.png SolidWorks Import Tutorial Solidworkstutadvicon.png SolidWorks Import Tutorial II Dimensionstuticon.png Dimensions Tutorial Templateicon.png Template
Handrailtuticon.png Handrail Tutorial HandrailtutIIicon.png Handrail Tutorial II Xyztuticon.png XYZ Part Reversetuticon.png Reverse Design
Largeradiustuticon.png Large Radius Tutorial LargeradiustutIIicon.png Large Radius Tutorial II Custicon.png Custom Part Cust3dicon.png Custom 3D
Panelcreateicon.png Panel Tutorial Bendordericon.png Bend Order Plate to assembly icon.png Plate/Sheet Metal to Assembly Transfer Platetuticon.png Sheet Metal Text
Sheet Metal Tutorial Sheet Metal Tutorial Platetuticon2.png Sheet Metal Tutorial II Flange intersection icon.png Intersecting Flanges Tutorial
Video Tutorials
Assemblytuticon.PNG Assembly Tutorial Platetuticon.png Plate/Sheet Metal Tutorial Cutting tutorial.png Assembly Cutting Tutorial Largeradiustuticon.png Large Radius Bending
Tube to assembly1.png Tube to Assembly Transfer Platetuticon2.png Advanced Sheet Metal Tutorial Cutting tutorial adv.png Advanced Cutting Tutorial Sounthern stinger icon.png Southern Stinger Tutorial
Panelcreateicon.png Assembly Panel Tutorial Platetuticon2.png Sheet Metal Pickpoints Tutorial Handrailtuticon.png Hand Rail Module Tutorial Headertuticon.png Header Design Tutorial
Sketch3Dicon.png Sketch 3D Tutorial Templateicon.png Template Tutorial Xyztuticon.png XYZ Part Tutorial
Help Articles
Assembly Cutting
Material & Tooling
Custom Part
Custom 3D
Sheet Metal/Plate