About Bend-Tech

Bend-Tech started out from a need for simpler software at a price point smaller businesses and hobbyists could afford, all with a shorter learning curve. From those humble beginnings, Bend-Tech’s software is now recognized as the go-to software in various industries, like; racing, off-road vehicles, handrails, and truck accessories – just to name a few.

Building off the software success, came the Dragon CNC plasma tube and pipe cutter. The Dragon has allowed shops to speed up their production times, adding to their bottom line and growing their business to the next level.

After over 20 years in the fabrication industry, Cris Merry founded 2020 Software Solutions with CAD software products for tube and pipe fabricators. The Bend-Tech Software is an easy-to-use program that automates much of the calculation for bending tube and pipe.
First Employee
After a couple of years developing and supporting the initial CAD Software, the first employee was hired as a Software Developer. Cris and the first employee would create Bend-Tech 5x and lay the groundwork for the development of the software for years to come.
Birth of the CNC Plasma Tube Cutting: the Dragon A150
The small company grew to include sales staff, a graphic designer, and more developers. Cris identified a manufacturer and developed a dedicated CAM software package that brought the Dragon A150 to market. A truly innovative concept of CNC plasma cutting for tube and pipe. The Dragon A150 cut round material from 1-inch to 3-inch OD, up to 21 feet long, and weighing 150 lbs. The CNC plasma tube cutting fit seamlessly with the Bend-Tech CAD after the Bend-Tech development team created CAM in the Bend-Tech software.
New Dragon A400 Processes More Profiles and Larger Material
After successfully bringing the Dragon A150 to market, Bend-Tech recognized a need for larger tube and pipe processing. The Dragon A400 was a completely new, production-level fully automated design created to process tubes up to 400 lbs. and 24 feet in length. The A400 could process profiles of round up to 6-inch OD and square and rectangle up to 4-inch side lengths.
A400 Add-On Cuts Angle and Channel Profiles
The Dragon A400 received the first major upgrades of adding a 6th automated axis. This new axis now allowed the A400 to process angle and channel profile material with the round, rectangle, and square profiles.
A New Generation of CNC Tube Cutting
After five successful years on the market, the Dragon A150 was discontinued from the Bend-Tech lineup. The A250 was created to meet the needs of fabricators that produce only with round material. The new round-only machine is similar in design to the A400, with a few less features and a great entry price into CNC plasma tube cutting. Both the A250 and A400 now run a precision rack and anti-backlash pinion drive for the x-axis along the length of the machine.
Bend-Tech Today
Bend-Tech has over 50 employees, each sharing the common goal of innovating the way tube and pipe are designed and fabricated. Bend-Tech has seen tremendous growth thanks to our over 30,000 customers worldwide and we look forward to continuing to provide the best products for fabricators.