Dragon Training

Maximize the operation of the Dragon CNC plasma tube and pipe cutter with our comprehensive in-house training. The training allows for students to focus and learn without the interruptions that typically happen in the workday. With this class, machine operators will learn how to effectively use the Bend-Tech Dragon machine and software.

Bend-Tech Dragon training Classroom

Professional Classroom and Workshop

Bend-Tech’s corporate headquarters has a classroom designed specifically for training events. Dragon Technicians teach hands-on using Bend-Tech software and the Dragon. These two-day training classes can host up to 12 students from various companies and industries. Students will have access to a full library of material and profiles while learning to use their new Dragon. Lunch is provided by Bend-Tech. 

Key Topics

  • Tour of Bend-Tech Headquarters 
  • Dragon walkthrough
  • Startup procedure
  • Dragon CNC Machine calibration
    – Side offset calibrations
    – Die calibration
  • CAM operations
  • Plasma unit
  • Importing files
  • Dragon CAD software
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Backup and restore
  • Requesting support

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