Bend-Tech Support

Bend-Tech’s fully staffed team holds the highest standards of customer service. If you call, email, or submit a support session, you will be answered by a live, professional technician. The Bend-Tech support team will use your files to replicate your situation on our in-house machines at the support workstation.

Bend-Tech Resources

Technical service information Wiki for customers.

Service Webinars

Live informational demos.

In-House Dragon Training

Comprehensive classroom and shop course.

Meet the Team

The Bend-Tech service team is a collaborative group of professional technicians based out of Osceola, Wisconsin. The hands-on service approach makes optimizing the use of Bend-Tech products a priority. The comprehensive knowledge of our technicians leads to servicing our products in an effective and timely manner.

Dwain Mansfield

Service Manager

Cody Hildreth

Assistant Service Manager

Branden Kennedy

Service Technician

Brittany Larsen

Service Technician

Nicolas Fehlen

Service Technician

Ryan Asher

Service Technician

Shawn Patch

Service Technician