Bend-Tech Software

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Available software products

Starter software

If you are planning to bend just a few parts in a year and the parts are 2D single parts, then EZ may do the trick.

Single part bends

If you need a few single parts bent with rotation, EZ3D is a start. EZ3D is also useful if you won’t be fabricating multiple tube assemblies such as roll cages, bumpers, etc.

Intuitive CAD program

If you are designing chassis, roll cages, rock sliders, frames or anything from single parts to multiple tubing assembly then Bend-Tech PRO is where you want to start.

Professional software

A must-have if your job, business, or livelihood depends in part on bending tube, pipe, rod, wire, and bar. SE has the tools that will allow you to be productive in your tube bending fabrication.

Stand-Alone software

Bend-Tech offers Exhaust Designer (EXH) and Sheet Metal Templates (MSP) as a standalone products for you to purchase.

Software upgrades

If you have an older version of Bend-Tech’s software or want to upgrade to a different package, we have many options to choose from.


Add functionality to Bend-Tech’s PRO and SE software.

Software Bundles

Save money by purchasing SE or PRO software with Modules that are commonly used with a number of  applications.