Bend-Tech EZ3D Software

Designed to help out the serious hobbyist

Bend-Tech EZ3D was designed for serious hobbyists. We took our easy-to-use EZ product and added a 3D interface. Our Tri-Star interface is unique in that a customer doesn’t need to learn XYZ, it uses terms like front, back, floor, ceiling, left, and right. While you are stepping quickly around the part, EZ3D is calculating your bend angles and rotations. No more guessing. A maximum of six bends per part can be done with EZ3D.

Key Features of EZ3D Software

System Requirements

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Bend-Tech software requires an active internet connection in order to activate the license on your computer, and then every 6 month. SE software can run offline in between. Don’t have internet connection? See Dongle Key option.