Dragon A250

CNC plasma round tube and pipe cutter with integrated CAD/CAM software

The Dragon A250 CNC plasma cutter makes CAD/CAM designs a reality for round tube and pipe for most designs with holes and end cuts. Bending instructions include bend location, rotation, and degrees are clearly marked on the pipe. The Dragon A250 is ideal for improving round tube and pipe production efficiency and accuracy in fabrication shops.

CNC Plasma Cut Pipe

Automation to meet demand

With cut speeds up to 250 inches per minute, the Dragon A250 CNC plasma cutter brings automation to an area of fabrication that is commonly a bottleneck: tube and pipe notching. The efficiency and accuracy of the Dragon A250 decrease production time while providing the desired fit-up every time. Contact Sales for more information.Contact Sales for more information.

Proudly made in Osceola, Wisconsin

The Bend-Tech Dragon A250 is designed and made in the USA. Machine production, software development, and technical support all take place at headquarters in Osceola, Wisconsin. All operations located at our headquarters ensure the Dragon A250 is a high-quality American-made.

Bend-Tech Building

A250 Material Capabilities

Material Types

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Black Pipe
  • Chrome Alloy
  • Any type of electrically conductive metal

Material Sizing

  • Round: 0.75 inch (19mm) – 4 inch OD (101.6mm)

Material Thickness

  • Min: 1/32 inch (0.79mm)
  • Max: 5/8 inch (15.8mm)

Material Length

  • Full-length machine: 21 feet (6.4m)
  • Half-length machine: 12 feet (3.65m)
  • The chuck has a pass-through hole that allows round tubing up to 2 inch OD to pass-through for pieces of material longer than the machine

Material Weight

  • Maximum capacity of 260 lbs (118kg)

Material Length

Dragon A250 front gate


The three-jaw gate securely centers round tube up to 4 inch OD for accurate cutting. The front gate locks in position, allowing the operator to run multiple sticks of the same size material without having to readjust the gate. This set it and forget it gate provides a quick and easy loading process.

Dragon A250 chuck


The chuck has three self-centering jaws to hold round profile tubing. The chuck has a pass-through hole that allows round tubing up to 2” OD to pass-through for longer pieces of material.

Dragon A250 material lifter

Material Support Lift

An adjustable support to maintain levelness throughout the cutting process for accurate cuts.

Automatic Toolhead

The Dragon A250 Dragon toolhead comes with a plasma torch mount, permanent marker with mount, and laser light with mount. The automatic CNC toolhead plasma cuts and marks at the push of a button. Plasma is a fast and accurate method of cutting that is 1/10th the cost of a laser.

Dragon a250 tool changer
Dragon Mark


The marker is commonly used for bend location, bend rotation, saddle fitment marks, part number/i.d., text, and more.

Dragon Align


The laser light gives an accurate lineup to start every job with accuracy. The light also lines the tube up when repositioning.

Dragon Cut


The plasma torch cuts all profiles and holes into the tube.

Increase Output with CNC

The four axes of movement allows any shape or profile to be cut out of round material. Complete automation with the Dragon A250 produces your parts faster and more accurately than hole saws, grinders, or other time-consuming manual methods. The automation of the axes gives +/- 0.010 inch tolerance.

Dragon A250 Full Automation
Dragon A250 Axes

A & Z Axes

Lead screws move the Toolhead from side to side (Z-axis) and up and down (A-axis).

Dragon X


A precision rack and anti-backlash pinion drive system moves the material along its length.

Dragon A250 axes y


A gear-driven system rotates the material

Design to Production Made Easy with Bend-Tech CAD & CAM Software

Bend-Tech’s Dragon software is an essential part of the Dragon A400, providing a smooth transition from a final design to finished parts.

Import 3D parts or design from scratch

Bend-Tech Dragon Software Import

The Dragon CAD imports STEP and IGES files that are supported by most CAD software, such as Solidworks, Tekla, SDS2, AutoCAD, ProEngineer, and more. Once imported, the Dragon CAD software will trace the CAD geometry and convert it into a CAM-ready file. This process normalizes along the cut path for a weld-ready part. The CAM-ready file is read by the Dragon A400 for CNC production.

Full machine control

Bend-Tech Dragon Software

The Dragon software gives full control of the Dragon machine to the operator. The operator can move all axes, control speed, and start or stop the job when needed. The G-Code viewer is available to see each action in detail. With the click of a button, homing the machine is easy

Available A250 CNC Plasma Cutter Add-Ons

Dragon A250 plasma cutter add-ons are optional features so that every customer may purchase a machine to best fit their needs. If you have questions about which add-ons best fit your business, contact our sales staff so they can learn about your business and make appropriate suggestions.

Dragon Cooling System

Material Coolant System

The Material Coolant System recycles coolant through a continuous loop to increase cut quality, reduce slag amount, and decrease fumes from the plasma cutting. For companies that cut aluminum, stainless steel, or tubing with a small OD, it is highly recommended that you include a Material Coolant System in your purchase. The System includes a hose reel, tube plug set, modular trays, and coolant reservoir. Pump not included.

Plasma Cutter

Plasma System

The Dragon requires a mechanized plasma torch. There are various levels of plasma systems recommended for use on the Bend-Tech Dragon. To best decide what level of system is required, talk to a Bend-Tech salesperson.

Trying to decide which Dragon CNC Plasma Cutter is best for your application?

Dragon A250

Bend-Tech Dragon A250 CNC plasma tube and pipe cutter

Dragon A400


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