Bend-Tech Modules

The Bend-Tech Modules are only available for PRO and SE software. Modules are add-on options with increased capabilities for singular applications. The different Templates and Designers have many pre-built options that can be easily modified to fit your dimensions. 

Visit our store to see Module bundle options with PRO and SE software.

Available Modules

Sheet Metal Designer

Easy to use CAD for flat layout designs on sheet metal.

MSP Templates

Pre-designed templates such as washers, tabs, beadlocks, shackles, brackets and etc.

Roll Cage Templates

Pre-designed roll cage templates that are a quick starting point for users.

Armor Pack Template

Pre-designed templates of bumpers, tire carriers, roof racks, ATV racks, and rock slider templates.

Large Radius Designer

Adds the ability to design large radius parts, more bends per part, a bump bending tool, etc.

Exhaust Designer

Aids in the manufacturing of exhaust tube/pipe and assists properly routing the tubing.

Handrail Designer

Adds a new railing interface and an easy-to-use stair wizard calculator for railing design in SE. 

SolidWorks Interface

Takes a designed tube, from SOLIDWORKS and sends the part geometry directly into Bend-Tech Software.