Case Study: Cali Raised LED

Automating Production Sets New Industry Standard

Cali Raised LED

Cali Raised LED believes in disrupting the industry. Beating the typical industry standards is routine. Using high-quality materials and functional designs Cali Raised LED manufactures products that look good and perform at the highest level.

Planning Ahead with the Dragon

Cali Raised LED thought the standard lead time of six months for after-market rock sliders was an area they could disrupt. They knew if they could automate production of rock sliders, they would be able to provide the high-quality they are known for in a fraction of the time compared to the industry standards. To do this, Cali Raised LED purchased a piece of CNC equipment that could automate the production of round tube for rock sliders. This equipment was the Bend-Tech Dragon. The value of in-house automation gave Cali Raised LED the advantage of providing lead times of two weeks and changed the industry standards for lead times.

Chris Pelley, the Vice President of Cali Raised LED, said, “We have never really been content with meeting the industry standards. We are here to disrupt the market. The Dragon was at the center of our planning process when we were bringing the rock sliders to market … the automation efficiency meant that we could change the industry by providing the highest quality rock sliders to our customers with a two-week lead time, instead of the previous standard of six months.” When asked specifics about the production rate of the machine Chris said, “We have run over 100,000 feet of material through both Dragon machines. They have definitely paid for themselves in less than a year … the Dragon has allowed us to hold a good margin and stay profitable.”

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