Case Study: Goat Built

In-House Production Maximizes Profit

About Goat Built

Goat Built Design and Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of at-home weld-it-yourself tube kits for full-size, off-road, rock crawler chassis. Goat Built is not just a name, they are enthusiasts, engineers, with real engineering degrees backed with over 25 years of rock crawling, rock racing and off-road industry design and manufacturing experience. Instead of copying other products, they create new innovative products and ideas with a commitment to driving the off-road industry forward.

The Dragon A400 Impact

We talked to Drew Burroughs (Goat Built Founder) to get feedback on how the Dragon A400 has performed. Accuracy in designing and producing parts for chassis is important so the customer can weld together a kit with parts that fit. This level of accuracy required outsourcing part manufacturing to a shop with a tube laser processing system. For Goat Built, outsourcing meant they had to wait for bulk orders to come in so they could purchase the production of 6-10 chassis kits at a time. With the Dragon A400 Goat Built can build chassis one by one. “The Dragon has eliminated a 6-week lead time on part manufacturing by eliminating the outsourcing of manufacturing. Now we can do single orders with custom pieces since production is 98% in-house.” Bringing the manufacturing in-house not only streamlined production efficiency, but it maintained the production quality. “The Dragon A400 has been as accurate as the laser cut parts.” One employee used to take the outsourced laser cut parts and bend them. Now that one employee produces all of the tube parts; cutting, marking, and bending. With the improved use of labor resources and the decreased lead times in production, Goat Built has been able to start to grow as a job-shop on the side; producing parts for other companies. This use of the Dragon A400 for extra production has helped Goat Built grow considerably.

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