Case Study: P&M Steel

Faster Deadlines Require Faster Production

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P&M Steel focuses on structural steel, fabricating, and miscellaneous metals. Since 1970, they have grown to a volume of 6,000-7,000 tons worth of jobs per year; with work varying from 400-ton jobs to walk-in customers.

Tighter Deadlines

Cutting, notching, and laying out handrails was a manual and time-consuming method that made P&M Steel completely reliant on the fabricator. They needed to meet increasingly tighter deadlines, and slow, manual methods created a bottleneck in production.

Dragon A400

To improve the production of handrails, P&M Steel purchased the Dragon A400. The Dragon A400 reduced labor time by over 42% and has cut production time in half. The Dragon’s ability to produce everything accurately with the slot and tab feature has been a game-changer, as railing parts fit together perfectly. The bend marks option allows for correct bends every time. Instead of wasting time drawing each part, detailers can auto-import designs with the Tekla Plugin.

Profitability of the Dragon

The Dragon A400 paid for itself in less than two months and has allowed P&M Steel to generate extra income-producing parts for other fabrication companies.

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