Case Study: Schulte Industries

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About Schulte Industries

Schulte Industries makes high quality industrial agricultural equipment and rotary cutters. Based out of Saskatchewan, Canada, Schulte Industries has been expanding their business and improving production methods since 1912. The exceptional quality of products and support service are fundamental values of Schulte Industries.

In-House Prodution Improvement

We interviewed Andriy a Manufacturing Engineer at Schulte Industries, to tell us about their experiences with the Dragon A400. Andriy told us about Schulte Industries and their experiences with the Dragon A400. They have a variety of tube parts that need repeatable accuracy in production. Before purchasing in-house CNC tube & pipe production with the Dragon A400, Schulte used templates to guide hand-cut plasma cut parts. This manual method led to inconsistent parts and slower than desired tube production. Most of what Schulte Industries uses their Dragon A400 for is 0.25 inch thick 4 inch by 4 inch tubing.

Andriy said “The plasma cutting is a better tolerance than before. The quality of cuts improved.” While the tolerance has improved, Schulte Industries was also able to move from a two-step process to a one-step process with the Dragon A400. “The Dragon A400 has brought an increase of 30 percent efficiency for the tube parts being produced.” With a wide breadth of products, the increase of production efficiency “improved profitability by 10 to 20 percent on the parts cut by the Dragon A400.” This led to the Dragon A400 paying for itself in about a year.

Canadian Based Company Receiving Support Service

When asked about his opinion of the Bend-Tech Service Team, Andriy stated, “The support has been very good, really responsive.” Whether you are located in the United States or not, the Bend-Tech Service Team prioritizes a quick response time for resolving issues to ensure our products are operating at full-potential.

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