Stand-Alone Software

Bend-Tech offers several stand-alone software programs that provide end-users a simple solution for day-to-day projects 

MotorSports Templates Software

Bend-Tech’s MotorSports Templates is designed to help a user create plate and sheet metal parts for the motorsports industry. Use pre-defined templates to quickly and easily create brackets, tabs, boxes, gussets, and many other common motorsports parts

Exhaust Software

Bend-Tech’s stand-alone EXH software gives you the ability to re-create the critical components of a vehicle (axles, mufflers, gas tanks, etc.) and then properly route the tubing around them. This interface also allows you to create multiple bent and straight tubes within the same design.

Sheet Metal Designer Software

Bend-Tech’s stand-alone SM software is a simple and powerful sheet metal design software that is geared towards the hobbyist, school, prototype shop, maintenance facility, or performance shop.